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MBZ Country & Rural Areas
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Franconian Farm House with Slate R10007  Franconian Farm House with Slate
Barn with Stalls R10011  Barn with Stalls
Stall for Franconian Farm R10012  Stall for Franconian Farm
Water Cottage R10017  Water Cottage
Garage and Shed R10018  Garage and Shed
Storage Shed R10021  Storage Shed
Small Barn R10025  Small Barn
Long Shed R10026  Long Shed
Small Barn Shed R10027  Small Barn Shed
Black Forest House R10030  Black Forest House
House Axmann R10037  House Axmann
Outdoor Toilet R10041  Outdoor Toilet
House Number 2 R10042  House Number 2
House with Side Structure R10043  House with Side Structure
House R10044  House
Shed R10051  Shed
Shed with Pent Roof R10052  Shed with Pent Roof
House with Shed to be Constructed into Cliff R10055  House with Shed to be Constructed into Cliff
Garden House R10064  Garden House
Field Barm with Brick Roofing R10066  Field Barm with Brick Roofing
Barn with Straw Roofing R10067  Barn with Straw Roofing
Barn with Stall R10068  Barn with Stall
Gate House with Beehive Structure R10069  Gate House with Beehive Structure
Shed R10070  Shed
4 Piece Barn Set R10071  4 Piece Barn Set
House Gotthard R10080  House Gotthard
Outdoor Bathroom with Shed R10083  Outdoor Bathroom with Shed
Barn with Straw Roofing R10087  Barn with Straw Roofing
House from Hohenberg R10088  House from Hohenberg
Rectory R10089  Rectory
Hotel Neustadter Hof R10095  Hotel Neustadter Hof
House Bergrün R10096  House Bergrün
Castle Ruin Urach R10098  Castle Ruin Urach
Chapel R10099  Chapel
Granary R10100  Granary
Church St. Quirin R10102  Church St. Quirin
Restaurant Zum Bahnhof R10107  Restaurant Zum Bahnhof
Farm Building R10108  Farm Building
House w. Shed R10110  House w. Shed
Water Mill Wiest R10111  Water Mill Wiest
Transformer House R10112  Transformer House
Farm R10113  Farm
Multi-Family Home Lenzkirch R10114  Multi-Family Home Lenzkirch
Hotel Vogt R10115  Hotel Vogt
Villa Hummel R10117  Villa Hummel
House w. Barber Shop R10118  House w. Barber Shop
Servants Quarters R10120  Servants Quarters
Cobbler Shop R10121  Cobbler Shop
Rural Veggie Shop R10122  Rural Veggie Shop
Agricultural Building R10123  Agricultural Building
Church Lenzkirch R10125  Church Lenzkirch
Garage, Shed w. Cross Cut R10130  Garage, Shed w. Cross Cut
Bee House R10133  Bee House
Water Mill R10138  Water Mill
Rescue Shed Carolinensiel R10150  Rescue Shed Carolinensiel
Timber Framed Barn R10165  Timber Framed Barn
Cattle Scale w. Interior R10166  Cattle Scale w. Interior
Fire Engine House R10169  Fire Engine House
Bakehouse R10175  Bakehouse
Functional Wind Mill R10176  Functional Wind Mill
Farm House R10178  Farm House
Barn w. Shed R10179  Barn w. Shed
Barnstable R10180  Barnstable
Livestock Transport Cart R80089  Livestock Transport Cart
Rural Silo R10193  Rural Silo
Gas Station from the 1960 ies R10389  Gas Station from the 1960 ies
Multi Family Residence R10487  Multi Family Residence
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