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MBZ Factories & Industrial
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Auxiliary Building R10024  Auxiliary Building
Clock Factory R10031  Clock Factory
Power Station R10033  Power Station
Power Station Auxiliary Building R10034  Power Station Auxiliary Building
Workshop R10045  Workshop
Small Hall R10046  Small Hall
Small Auxiliary Building R10047  Small Auxiliary Building
Storage House with Addition R10048  Storage House with Addition
Shed R10049  Shed
Garage R10050  Garage
Quarry Administration Building R10059  Quarry Administration Building
Workshop Hall R10060  Workshop Hall
Lattice Crane R10061  Lattice Crane
Crane R10062  Crane
Machinery Shed R10063  Machinery Shed
Pump Station R10092  Pump Station
Water Tower R10093  Water Tower
Transformer House R10097  Transformer House
Warehouse R10101  Warehouse
Saw Mill Isele w. Interior R10106  Saw Mill Isele w. Interior
Reciprocating Saw R10139  Reciprocating Saw
Small Sawmill R10312  Small Sawmill
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