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MBZ Railway Buildings
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Loading Hall R10004  Loading Hall
Locomotive Shed  9°, 3-stalls R10005  Locomotive Shed 9°, 3-stalls
Track Scale R10008  Track Scale
Train Station Dorfen R10009  Train Station Dorfen
Train Station Kulmbach R10010  Train Station Kulmbach
Train Attendents Hut R10016  Train Attendents Hut
Locomotive Shed, 3-stalls, 7° R10022  Locomotive Shed, 3-stalls, 7°
Locomotive Repair Shed R10023  Locomotive Repair Shed
Long Signal Box R10028  Long Signal Box
Corner Signal Box R10029  Corner Signal Box
Quarters for Railroad Personal R10032  Quarters for Railroad Personal
Locomitive Machinery Shed R10035  Locomitive Machinery Shed
Goods Shed R10036  Goods Shed
Train Station Neustadt R10038  Train Station Neustadt
Small Goods Shed R10039  Small Goods Shed
Storage Facility R10040  Storage Facility
Station Platform Roof R10053  Station Platform Roof
Loading Shed R10054  Loading Shed
Train Station Fürth am Berg R10056  Train Station Fürth am Berg
Locomotive Shed Hofsteinach R10057  Locomotive Shed Hofsteinach
Train Station Dörzbach R10065  Train Station Dörzbach
Train Station Gutach R10082  Train Station Gutach
Train Station Platform R10085  Train Station Platform
Shed Hofsteinach R10086  Shed Hofsteinach
Station Bondorf R10090  Station Bondorf
Freight Shed R10091  Freight Shed
Gatekeepers House R10094  Gatekeepers House
Locomotive Shed R10103  Locomotive Shed
Outdoor Toilet Bondorf R10104  Outdoor Toilet Bondorf
Gate Keepers House Bondorf R10105  Gate Keepers House Bondorf
Auxiliary Switch Tower R10109  Auxiliary Switch Tower
Outdoor Toilet Lenzkirch R10116  Outdoor Toilet Lenzkirch
Switch Power Ahrensburg R10127  Switch Power Ahrensburg
Freight Shed Wehr R10128  Freight Shed Wehr
Train Station Wehr R10129  Train Station Wehr
Train Station Kraiburg R10131  Train Station Kraiburg
Freight Shed w. Toilets R10136  Freight Shed w. Toilets
Train Station Aubing R10137  Train Station Aubing
Train Station Massbach R10140  Train Station Massbach
Train Station Nordheim R10141  Train Station Nordheim
Platform House R10143  Platform House
Train Station Carlsfeld R10145  Train Station Carlsfeld
Simple Freight Shed R10151  Simple Freight Shed
Signal Box Ottstädt R10158  Signal Box Ottstädt
Signal Box Ottstädt Variant R10159  Signal Box Ottstädt Variant
Addition to Station Weißenberg R10170  Addition to Station Weißenberg
Locomotive Shed for T3 and other small Engine R10268  Locomotive Shed for T3 and other small Engine
Railway Station Creidlitz R10504  Railway Station Creidlitz
Goods Shed Creidlitz R10505  Goods Shed Creidlitz
Platform R10510  Platform
Rural Water Tower R10607  Rural Water Tower
Platform Stairs R80126  Platform Stairs
Platform R80256  Platform
Coaling Crane R80275  Coaling Crane
Sanding Tower R80280  Sanding Tower
Auxiliary Water Tower R80281  Auxiliary Water Tower
Cinder Removing Pit R80284  Cinder Removing Pit
Slagging Pit R80288  Slagging Pit
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