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Noch HO Work Life
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French Fire Brigade 15023  French Fire Brigade
Fire Brigade Netherlands 15024  Fire Brigade Netherlands
Policemen of the Netherlands 15077  Policemen of the Netherlands
Track Construction Site 12801  Track Construction Site
Fire Brigade Operation 12842  Fire Brigade Operation
Felling Trees 12843  Felling Trees
Fire Brigade 15021  Fire Brigade
Fire Brigade 15022  Fire Brigade
THW Technical Aid Agency 15025  THW Technical Aid Agency
City Cleaning 15029  City Cleaning
Warehousemen 15038  Warehousemen
Miners 15042  Miners
Archaeologists 15043  Archaeologists
Carpenters 15051  Carpenters
Chimney Sweepers 15052  Chimney Sweepers
Bricklayers 15054  Bricklayers
Bricklayers 15055  Bricklayers
Painters 15056  Painters
Construction Workers 15057  Construction Workers
Hunters and Lumberjacks 15060  Hunters and Lumberjacks
Forest Workers 15061  Forest Workers
Parcel Carriers 15069  Parcel Carriers
Service Staff 15070  Service Staff
Austrian Traffic policemen 15072  Austrian Traffic policemen
Swiss Traffic policemen 15073  Swiss Traffic policemen
Austrian Police officers 15074  Austrian Police officers
Swiss Police officers 15075  Swiss Police officers
Police Officers GDR 15076  Police Officers GDR
Traffic wardens 15081  Traffic wardens
Traffic policemen 15082  Traffic policemen
Traffic policemen 15083  Traffic policemen
Postmen and Accessories 15086  Postmen and Accessories
Swiss Postmen 15087  Swiss Postmen
Postmen Germany 15088  Postmen Germany
Austrian Postmen 15089  Austrian Postmen
German Police Officers 15090  German Police Officers
Police Officers 15091  Police Officers
Fire Brigade 15092  Fire Brigade
Paramedics 15094  Paramedics
Gangsters & Policemen 15096  Gangsters & Policemen
Police officers 15099  Police officers
Police Officers 15100  Police Officers
Housework 15101  Housework
Auto Mechanics 15108  Auto Mechanics
Construction Workers 15110  Construction Workers
Road Construction Workers 15112  Road Construction Workers
Caretakers 15116  Caretakers
Lorry Drivers and Co-Drivers 15244  Lorry Drivers and Co-Drivers
Shunters 15275  Shunters
Railway Construction Group 15276  Railway Construction Group
Track Workers 15277  Track Workers
Sitting Workers 15278  Sitting Workers
Shunters Epoch III & IV 15279  Shunters Epoch III & IV
Engine Drivers Steam Locomotive 15281  Engine Drivers Steam Locomotive
Engine Driver Steam Locomotive, Epoch 3 15282  Engine Driver Steam Locomotive, Epoch 3
Engine Drivers of Electric Locomotive 15283  Engine Drivers of Electric Locomotive
Priest and Altar Servers 15410  Priest and Altar Servers
Photographers 15571  Photographers
Camera Crew 15573  Camera Crew
People with Cell Phones 15574  People with Cell Phones
Harvesters 15613  Harvesters
Wine Growers 15614  Wine Growers
Farmers 15617  Farmers
Mountain Farmers 15618  Mountain Farmers
XL Figures Set At Work 16109  XL Figures Set At Work
Police Officers 18000  Police Officers
Fire Brigade 18001  Fire Brigade
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