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Noch HO Laser cut Vegetation
 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
Cabbage Turnips 13220  Cabbage Turnips
Beetroots 13221  Beetroots
Tendrils 13225  Tendrils
Bed Edgings 13214  Bed Edgings
Tomato Plants 13215  Tomato Plants
Cauliflower 13216  Cauliflower
White Cabbage 13217  White Cabbage
Red Cabbage 13218  Red Cabbage
Pumpkin 13219  Pumpkin
Leek 13222  Leek
Rose Bed 13223  Rose Bed
Vines with Black Grapes 13224  Vines with Black Grapes
Ornamental Plants in Pots 14011  Ornamental Plants in Pots
Ornamental Plants in Pots 14012  Ornamental Plants in Pots
Ornamental Plants in Tubs 14014  Ornamental Plants in Tubs
Ornamental Plants in Tubs 14016  Ornamental Plants in Tubs
Ornamental Plants in Tubs 14018  Ornamental Plants in Tubs
Ornamental Plants in Tubs 14020  Ornamental Plants in Tubs
Flowers in Pots 14031  Flowers in Pots
Flower Garden 14050  Flower Garden
Water and Riverside Plants 14052  Water and Riverside Plants
Garden Plot 14054  Garden Plot
Field and Wild Flowers 14056  Field and Wild Flowers
Fern 14100  Fern
Reed 14102  Reed
Knotgrass 14104  Knotgrass
Vegetable Garden Set 14107  Vegetable Garden Set
Rhubarb 14108  Rhubarb
Turnips 14110  Turnips
Laser-Cut minis Zucchini 14112  Laser-Cut minis Zucchini
Lotus Flower 14114  Lotus Flower
Hollyhocks 14116  Hollyhocks
Rambler Roses 14118  Rambler Roses
Laser-Cut minis Hosta 14120  Laser-Cut minis Hosta
Laser-Cut minis Tulips 14122  Laser-Cut minis Tulips
Laser-Cut minis Dandelions 14124  Laser-Cut minis Dandelions
Laser-Cut minis Sage 14126  Laser-Cut minis Sage
Evening primroses 14128  Evening primroses
Strawberries 14130  Strawberries
Virginia Creeper 14132  Virginia Creeper
Leek 14134  Leek
Laser-Cut minis Butterbur 14136  Laser-Cut minis Butterbur
Stinging Nettle 14138  Stinging Nettle
Water Lilies 14140  Water Lilies
Laser-Cut minis Pickerel weed 14142  Laser-Cut minis Pickerel weed
Bean Supports 14200  Bean Supports
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