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Noch N Scale Buildings
 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
Station Kiosk 14613  Station Kiosk
Forest Lodge 14634  Forest Lodge
Small Track House 14640  Small Track House
Chicken Shed 14678  Chicken Shed
Cattle Shelter 14679  Cattle Shelter
"Laimnau" Station 63003  "Laimnau" Station
Station "Tannau" 63004  Station "Tannau"
Romantic Hotel "Schönblick" 63407  Romantic Hotel "Schönblick"
Residential House 63600  Residential House
Holiday Farm "Linder" 63703  Holiday Farm "Linder"
Winery "Hauser-Bühler" 63712  Winery "Hauser-Bühler"
Mountain Restaurant "Grosser Mythen" 63800  Mountain Restaurant "Grosser Mythen"
Garden plot kit (3 pcs.) 63804  Garden plot kit (3 pcs.)
St. Nicholas Church 63900  St. Nicholas Church
Chapel "St. Nepomuk" 63903  Chapel "St. Nepomuk"
Church "St. George" with micro-sound Bells Ringing 63906  Church "St. George" with micro-sound Bells Ringing
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