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Artitec HO Scale Figures
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Catenary workers (3x) 5870009  Catenary workers (3x)
NS porters with luggage (2x) 5870010  NS porters with luggage (2x)
Truck drivers 1940s - 1970s (3x) 5870011  Truck drivers 1940s - 1970s (3x)
Truck drivers 1970s - 2000s (3x) 5870012  Truck drivers 1970s - 2000s (3x)
Bricklayers 1930s - 1990s (2x) 5870013  Bricklayers 1930s - 1990s (2x)
Woodworkers 1920s - 1990s (3x) 5870014  Woodworkers 1920s - 1990s (3x)
Florist with customer 5870015  Florist with customer
Cyclists in the rain (3x) 5870016  Cyclists in the rain (3x)
Solex and mobylette riders (2x) 5870017  Solex and mobylette riders (2x)
Waiting cyclists  (3x) 5870018  Waiting cyclists (3x)
Herring fish shop figures  (3x) 5870019  Herring fish shop figures (3x)
Bin men blue overall (3x) 5870020  Bin men blue overall (3x)
Bin men hi-viz (3x) 5870021  Bin men hi-viz (3x)
Farmers in the field (3x) 5870022  Farmers in the field (3x)
Milking farmers (2x) 5870023  Milking farmers (2x)
NS platform staff postal services (3x) 5870024  NS platform staff postal services (3x)
Farmer family (3x) 5870026  Farmer family (3x)
Forklift operators (3x) 5870027  Forklift operators (3x)
Horse stable staff (3x) 5870029  Horse stable staff (3x)
Farmers 5870030  Farmers' children (3x)
Milkmen with customers 40s-60s (4x) 5870049  Milkmen with customers 40s-60s (4x)
Dutch postmen (3x) 5870051  Dutch postmen (3x)
Postmen on bicycles + post box (2x) 5870052  Postmen on bicycles + post box (2x)
Loiterers 5870053  Loiterers
Carbide shooting 5870056  Carbide shooting
Farmer with chicken 387.514  Farmer with chicken
Bus Drivers behind the Wheel 5870001  Bus Drivers behind the Wheel
Bus Drivers standing 5870002  Bus Drivers standing
Passengers in the Rain 5870003  Passengers in the Rain
Mailman with Cart 5870004  Mailman with Cart
Dutch Tank Crew 5870005  Dutch Tank Crew
Dutch Soldiers on Bikes 5870006II Dutch Soldiers on Bikes
Sailors in harbor 5870007  Sailors in harbor
Sailors at sea 5870008  Sailors at sea
Sailors in harbor (kit) 7875001  Sailors in harbor (kit)
Sailors at sea (kit) 7875002  Sailors at sea (kit)
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