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Artitec HO Motorcycle and Bicycle Kits

 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
U.S. military motorcycle 87.033  U.S. military motorcycle
U.K. Truimph military motorcycle 87.034  U.K. Truimph military motorcycle
Modern bicycles 10.242  Modern bicycles
Old-style bicycles 10.243  Old-style bicycles
U.S. "Liberator" civilian motorcycle 10.244  U.S. "Liberator" civilian motorcycle
Triumph civilian motorcycle 10.245  Triumph civilian motorcycle
German bicycles (1920-1960) 10.255  German bicycles (1920-1960)
BMW R25 motorcycle 10.271  BMW R25 motorcycle
BMW R75 motorcycle (civilian version) 10.279  BMW R75 motorcycle (civilian version)
BMW R75 motorcycle w/ sidecar (civilian version) 10.280  BMW R75 motorcycle w/ sidecar (civilian version)
U.S. Motorcycle Liberator + sidecar 10.286  U.S. Motorcycle Liberator + sidecar
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