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Artitec HO Ship & Boats Kits

 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
"Two Brothers" cargo carrying sailboat 50.101  "Two Brothers" cargo carrying sailboat
Towed barge 50.102  Towed barge
Canal steam tug 50.103  Canal steam tug
120-ton Rhine river barge 50.104  120-ton Rhine river barge
Traditional Zuidersee sailed fishing boat 50.105  Traditional Zuidersee sailed fishing boat
Barge 50.106  Barge
Norwegean fishingboat FRAMTID I (waterline) 50.107  Norwegean fishingboat FRAMTID I (waterline)
Inland-waters tankship 50.111  Inland-waters tankship
Wittow ferry 50.112  Wittow ferry
Crabbing cutter (waterline) 50.114  Crabbing cutter (waterline)
Shrimp Cutter (full hull) 50.115  Shrimp Cutter (full hull)
SEEHUND midget submarine (full hull) 50.117  SEEHUND midget submarine (full hull)
18th Century Yacht 50.118  18th Century Yacht
Sailing yacht 50.119  Sailing yacht
Harbor tug 50.120  Harbor tug
Railroad ferry 50.121  Railroad ferry
Rowboat 50.122  Rowboat
European freighter SPITS 50.123  European freighter SPITS
Passenger ship 50.125  Passenger ship
Fireboat ESSEN 50.126  Fireboat ESSEN
Fishing boats -2 items 50.128  Fishing boats -2 items
Sailing Dinghy 50.129  Sailing Dinghy
Coastal freighter 50.130  Coastal freighter
Steel rowboat  -1 item 50.131  Steel rowboat -1 item
Submarine VII C (waterline) 50.132  Submarine VII C (waterline)
Rheinschiff Kempenaar 50.133  Rheinschiff Kempenaar
Cog ship 14th century 50.134  Cog ship 14th century
Admiralty Yacht 17th century 50.135  Admiralty Yacht 17th century
Rescue lifeboat DGzRS 50.136  Rescue lifeboat DGzRS
Rowing boat with 2 figures 15th century 10.334  Rowing boat with 2 figures 15th century
Norwegean fishingboat FRAMTID I (full hull) 50.107-V  Norwegean fishingboat FRAMTID I (full hull)
SEEHUND Midget Sub (Waterline) 50.116  SEEHUND Midget Sub (Waterline)
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