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Noch HO Buildings

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Displaying Model Numbers 14306 to 66505
 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
Signal Box 14306  Signal Box
Small Track House 14308  Small Track House
Platform Kiosk 14310  Platform Kiosk
Transformer Substation 14340  Transformer Substation
Forest Lodge 14342  Forest Lodge
Beehouse 14344  Beehouse
Duck House with Duck 14346  Duck House with Duck
Bus Stop 14348  Bus Stop
Open-air Storage 14350  Open-air Storage
Garage 14352  Garage
Garage 14353  Garage
Castle "Hohenstein" 58603  Castle "Hohenstein"
Ehrenfels Castle 58604  Ehrenfels Castle
Castle Ruin 58605  Castle Ruin
Combined Set "At the Christmas Market" 65610  Combined Set "At the Christmas Market"
Mountain Restaurant "Grosser Mythen" 65800  Mountain Restaurant "Grosser Mythen"
Train Stop "Amtzell" 66001  Train Stop "Amtzell"
Erbach Station 66002  Erbach Station
"Laimnau" Station 66003  "Laimnau" Station
Station »Tannau« 66004  Station »Tannau«
Universal Platform 66008  Universal Platform
Universal Platform, 3 pieces set 66010  Universal Platform, 3 pieces set
Goods shed 66100  Goods shed
Goods Shed "Tannau" 66102  Goods Shed "Tannau"
Outhouse 66104  Outhouse
Office Barrack 66105  Office Barrack
Tool Shed and Workshop 66106  Tool Shed and Workshop
Corrugated Iron Shed 66107  Corrugated Iron Shed
Signal Tower "Tannau" 66108  Signal Tower "Tannau"
Warehouse 66110  Warehouse
Loco Depot "Tannau" 66202  Loco Depot "Tannau"
Small Mine "Victoria" 66302  Small Mine "Victoria"
Gravel Plant 66304  Gravel Plant
Sawmill + Reciprocating Saw 66310  Sawmill + Reciprocating Saw
micro-motion Reciprocating Saw 66312  micro-motion Reciprocating Saw
Spirits Company "Schluck & Specht KG" 66314  Spirits Company "Schluck & Specht KG"
Plumbing Factory "Oswald & Söhne" 66316  Plumbing Factory "Oswald & Söhne"
Gatekeeper 66318  Gatekeeper's House
Workshop 66406  Workshop
Romantic Hotel "Schönblick" 66407  Romantic Hotel "Schönblick"
Restaurant "Green Tree" 66408  Restaurant "Green Tree"
Restaurant "Zur Bärenfalle" 66409  Restaurant "Zur Bärenfalle"
Fun Fair Stall Set (3 pcs.) 66410  Fun Fair Stall Set (3 pcs.)
Laser Cut Snack Stall Set 66411  Laser Cut Snack Stall Set
Christmas Market Stalls 66412  Christmas Market Stalls
Municipal office with school 66452  Municipal office with school
Old Town Building w/ Toy Shop 66502  Old Town Building w/ Toy Shop
Building with Fashions Shop 66503  Building with Fashions Shop
micro-motion Mill Bakery 66504  micro-motion Mill Bakery
Old Town House »Red Rose« 66505  Old Town House »Red Rose«
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