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Noch HO Figures

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Displaying Model Numbers 07071 to 15100
 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
Grass Fibres Assortment, long 07071  Grass Fibres Assortment, long
Cattle Shelter 12042  Cattle Shelter
Forest Work 12046  Forest Work
On the Alpine Pasture 12050  On the Alpine Pasture
On the Platform 12800  On the Platform
Street Musicians 12820  Street Musicians
In the Industry 12840  In the Industry
On the Construction Site 12841  On the Construction Site
Rail Fencing 13015  Rail Fencing
Garden Plot Shed 14635  Garden Plot Shed
Starter Set "Unpainted Figures" 14980  Starter Set "Unpainted Figures"
Unpainted Figures 14985  Unpainted Figures
Unpainted Footballers and Fans 14986  Unpainted Footballers and Fans
Fire Brigade (black protective clothes) 15021  Fire Brigade (black protective clothes)
Fire Brigade (orange protective clothes) 15022  Fire Brigade (orange protective clothes)
THW (Technical Aid Agency) 15025  THW (Technical Aid Agency)
Warehousemen 15028  Warehousemen
City Cleaning 15029  City Cleaning
Workers 15031  Workers
Warehousemen 15038  Warehousemen
Miners 15042  Miners
Carpenters 15051  Carpenters
Chimney Sweepers 15052  Chimney Sweepers
Bakers 15053  Bakers
Bricklayers 15054  Bricklayers
Bricklayers 15055  Bricklayers
Painters 15056  Painters
Hunters and Lumberjacks 15060  Hunters and Lumberjacks
Service Staff 15070  Service Staff
Austrian Traffic policemen 15072  Austrian Traffic policemen
Swiss Traffic policemen 15073  Swiss Traffic policemen
Austrian Police officers 15074  Austrian Police officers
Swiss Police officers 15075  Swiss Police officers
Police Officers GDR 15076  Police Officers GDR
Traffic wardens 15081  Traffic wardens
Traffic policemen 15082  Traffic policemen
Traffic policemen 15083  Traffic policemen
Postmen 15085  Postmen
Postmen and Accessories 15086  Postmen and Accessories
Swiss Postmen 15087  Swiss Postmen
Postmen Germany 15088  Postmen Germany
Austrian Postmen 15089  Austrian Postmen
German Police Officers 15090  German Police Officers
German Police Officers 15091  German Police Officers
Fire Brigade 15092  Fire Brigade
Paramedics 15094  Paramedics
Gangsters & Policemen 15096  Gangsters & Policemen
Accident 15098  Accident
Police officers 15099  Police officers
Police Officers 15100  Police Officers
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