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Noch HO Miniature Scenes

 Click Image To ViewItem #EraDescription
In the City Park 11522  In the City Park
Phone Box 11610  Phone Box
Memorial Cross 11680  Memorial Cross
Cows & Milkmaid 11740  Cows & Milkmaid
Green Christmas Tree, illuminated 11911  Green Christmas Tree, illuminated
White Christmas Tree, illluminated 11912  White Christmas Tree, illluminated
Construction Site 12010  Construction Site
Track Construction 12011  Track Construction
At the Bus Stop 12015  At the Bus Stop
On the Platform 12020  On the Platform
At the Christmas Market 12026  At the Christmas Market
In the Garden 12030  In the Garden
Garden Party 12031  Garden Party
In the Garden Plot 12035  In the Garden Plot
At the Pond 12036  At the Pond
On the Farm 12040  On the Farm
In the Country 12041  In the Country
In the Forest 12045  In the Forest
On the Farm 12850  On the Farm
At the Church 12860  At the Church
Carriage 14242  Carriage
Wooden Carriage 14243  Wooden Carriage
Restaurant 14822  Restaurant
Coffee shop 14824  Coffee shop
Funeral 15576  Funeral
Beer Garden 15830  Beer Garden
Joggers 15869  Joggers
In the Mountains 15875  In the Mountains
Bull transport 16650  Bull transport
Calf transport 16652  Calf transport
Horse Transport 16654  Horse Transport
Pig transport 16656  Pig transport
Cows at Water Trough 16658  Cows at Water Trough
Shepherd´s wagon 16662  Shepherd´s wagon
Donkey Cart 16664  Donkey Cart
Photographers, illuminated 17520  Photographers, illuminated
Welders, illuminated 17530  Welders, illuminated
Railroad Staff, illuminated 17540  Railroad Staff, illuminated
Trees Kit, 4 - 8 cm high 24302  Trees Kit, 4 - 8 cm high
Sheep pasture 65602  Sheep pasture
Scenery Set "Forest Lodge" 65606  Scenery Set "Forest Lodge"
Scenery Set "Animal Shelter" 65607  Scenery Set "Animal Shelter"
Scenery Set »Pigsty« 65608  Scenery Set »Pigsty«
Scenery Set "Track Construction" 65611  Scenery Set "Track Construction"
Scenery Set "Barbecue Hut" 65612  Scenery Set "Barbecue Hut"
Scenery Set "Takeaway" 65613  Scenery Set "Takeaway"
micro-motion Dance Floor 66820  micro-motion Dance Floor
Football Pitch with Clubhouse, micro-sound Stand 66830  Football Pitch with Clubhouse, micro-sound Stand
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