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Model #1870025 - Artitec WM Schwimmwagen VW 166 K2s  

System Country Year
H0 Germany 2016

Product Features and Details

Artitec 1870025 Highlights:

Model: Artitec's 1870025 1/87 scale German Wehrmacht (WWII) Schwimmwagen VW 166 K2s is a resin kit and is unpainted.

Prototype: The Volkswagen VW Typ 166 or Schwimmwagen (swimming car) was a 4-wheel drive amphibious light utility vehicle. The chassis was a welded body tub that was shorter than the Kübelwagen yet retained the same engine and other mechanical components. A propeller mounted on the rear engine compartment was lowered 180° and was coupled to an extension of the crankshaft for water travel. The car’s forward wheels served as rudders, allowing the Schwimmwagen to be maneuvered through the water with its steering wheel. On land the car had better off-road performance than the Kübelwagen although 4-wheel drive could only be used in first gear and reverse. 15,584 Schimmwagen were produced during the war.

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