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Model #6870021 - Artitec USSR T34 - 76mmgun green  

System Country
H0 Russia

Product Features and Details

Artitec 6870021 Highlights:

Model: Artitec's 6870021 1/87 scale T34 - 76mm Gun Soviet Army is fully assembled and is painted with standard Soviet dark green. All the new Artitec finished models are highly detailed works of art. They are all hand painted and finished using the highest quality resin, plastic and metal parts. Add a few to your collection today before they are sold out. Models are made in small production runs so don't delay in ordering.

Prototype: The T-34/76 is typically regarding by military historians as the best tank of the Second World War. When introduced in 1940 there was no other tank like it and it came as a particularly nasty shock to the tanks of the Wehrmacht during the initial months of Operation Barbarossa. The T-34’s 76.2 mm F-34 gun could penetrate 92 mm of armor at a range of 500 m and its hull and turret armor ranged from 40 to 60 mm in thickness. The hull and turret’s sloped shapes gave the T-34 additional protection. The T-34’s main strength was that it was much simpler and easier to produce than its German rivals and its price tag was relatively low. During the war 35,119 T-34/76s were produced – just less than the total number of German Panzer III, IV, and Panther tanks combined! The T-34’s simplicity came at a price however; its optical sights were inferior to those of the Germans and only commander’s units were equipped with radios. The lack of effective communication and poor targeting at long-range resulted in en masse attacks strategies frequently resulting in high losses – roughly 80% of all T-34 types produced during the war were destroyed. Nevertheless, sheer Soviet numbers, particularly the massive number of T-34s, in the end overwhelmed the armored forces of the Wehrmacht.

PLEASE NOTE: These models are all handmade and painted which makes every one unique. This means the paint patterns may vary a little and the detail parts like sandbags, turret tracks, antennas, etc. may also be arranged differently. This was also the case in real life. These models are very prototypical.

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