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Model #12956 - Noch Sound Module Felling Trees  

System Year
N 2021

Product Features and Details

Let‘s Make Some Sound! Sound Scenes Felling Trees Breathe some life into your model landscape! Due to the compact design of the electronics and loudspeakers, the sound in the NOCH Sound Scenes originates from the same place as in the real thing. The ready-to-connect electronics can be placed in the chicken run or in the forest. You will be surprised how realistic a noise sounds when it's in the middle of the action.The connection is via a standard 16 V model railway transformer.The sound lasts approx. 20 seconds. Suitable for AC and DC power supply. Suitable for direct and alternating current. Note: The volume of the sound is not adjustable. If you feel that the sound is too loud, you can order with item rer. 91900 a resistor for retrofitting.
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