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Model #62840 - Noch Schlossbach bridge  

System Dimensions
N 36 x 4,4 x 7,9 cm

Product Features and Details

 Expected release: September 2010The Karwendel cablecar connects the Bavarian Garmisch-Partenkirchen with Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol. The Schlossbach bridge is a landmark of the Karwendel cablecar and is placed over the gorge of Schlossbach - a wild, rugged and characteristically deep valley. The impressive, 25.98 in. long model really showcases the excellence of modern laser-cut technology. The bridge, made of special laser cardboard, is certainly not lacking in detail. The rivets of the steel construction are delicately laser formed and the surfaces of the planks on the top of the bridge are exquisitely structured. Each kit contains special assembling parts for easy assembly. The required glue is also included. Colours, combinations and forms are subject to change without prior notice.
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