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Model #66250 - Noch Segment Turntable  

System Dimensions Year
HO micro motion 2011

Product Features and Details

This segment turntable allows locomotives to change tracks even in very confined spaces. As these segment turntables require little space, they were mainly used at rural stations and at small railway roundhouses. The extremely compact NOCH model offers three sidings on an area of 20 x 16 cm(7.87 x 6.3 in.) and presents the model railway fan some very interesting shunting possibilities. This highly detailed Laser-Cut ready-made model can be used with all H0 track systems and is suitable for both 3 Rail and 2 Rail operation. In analogue operation the rotary motion of the segment turntable can be actuated with the switch included. Alternatively, the pre-installed digital decoder allows operation from a digital controller. The digital decoder is programmable and automatically recognizes the Marklin / Motorola and the DCC / NMRA format. Using a smaller digital station (e.g. Marklin mobile station), the rotary motion can be triggered from a locomotive address. Each release starts moving the segment turntable. From the central position each single position can be sequentially approached. 7.87 x 6.3 in., 1.77 in. installation depth, lead track length on the ramp, 5.12 in.
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