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Model #71922 - Noch DVD Guide "Preformed Layouts"  

System Dimensions
G,0,HO,TT,N,Z How to assemble

Product Features and Details

 DVD Guide »How to assemble pre-formed layouts« Í Step by Step to the perfect model railroad layout This DVD presents three different films showing how easy it is to assemble a preformed NOCH layout, to decorate it perfectly and how to individually extend it. The first film (runtime 15 minutes approx.) shows the assembly of a NOCH pre-formed layout from start to finish. Topics: Completion of the subconstruction, Assembly and fixing of the bridge, Laying the tracks, Installation of real water in streams / lakes, Fixing the buildings, Decorating the layout. The second film runtime is 30 minutes. This film shows how to decorate and finish the landscape. Topics: Fixing hard foam walls and tunnel portals, Sticking and integrating hard foam rocks, Painting Rocks, Installing real water in the streams, Ballasting and weathering the tracks, Weathering the buildings, Creating trees, Creating trees, bushes and shrubs using NOCH Seafoam Trees, Working with the Gras-Master ®, Creating hedges/flowering plants and using grass trufts. The third film (runtime 30 minutes approx.) presents how to extend the NOCH pre-formed layout using the well-known NOCH TERRA-FORM System. All shownmethods are applied. Topics: Creating track courses and the landscape with the TERRA-FORM System, Water structuring with Water Drops ® and water effects, Decorating the extension.
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