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Model #80140 - Noch Industrial Harbour Right Extension Layout  

System Dimensions
H0 Industr. Harbour 120x180x30cm

Product Features and Details

 The "Industrial Harbuor" is the left extension packed packed with action. The double track mainline runs along the edge with 2 huge bridges spanning the harbour entrance. This extension gives your layout more contrast and character. The tracks in the industrial sector lead to various points. Examples are the refinery and dock cranes. The 80101 Front Extension is required if you decide to add the "Industrial Harbour." Delivery Form: - Basic colours and grass applied - Pre-cut tunnel portals - Mounted on a stable wood frame - Pre-mounted tunnel underlays Track plans for: Marklin Metal, Marklin K, Marklin C, Fleischmann Model, Fleischmann Profi - TT scale compatible (track plan unavailable)
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