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Model #872001 - RSM Pack of Five 1/87 or 1/72 Scale Wooden Pallets  

System Year
HO 2012

Product Features and Details

 1/87 or 1/72 Wooden Pallets

Sometimes the smallest detail adds another level of realism to a train layout. That’s why we are proud to show you these HO scale shipping pallets. Only .550 inches in size, these small little pallets will bring out the hustle and bustle of any warehouse, train station or freight terminal that you might have in your layout.

As with any product, we look at the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the model. These pallets are no exception. All components are made from 3-ply plywood that is cut on the latest in CNC laser cutting & engraving machines also an added benefit of being cut on the laser is that the small amount of soot that is left over produces a realistic “dirty” look on the pallets. Ever see a clean pallet?

RSM is looking for ideas for models kits, accessories or custom buildings. Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your laser cutting needs.
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